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Stuttering is only a small part of who you really are

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Easy Speaking for Stutterers

Easy Speaking for Stutterers is a groundbreaking program based on new understandings from the field of neuroscience.  These revolutionary discoveries are inter-twined with proven conventional methods for treating stuttering in speech language pathology.  A unique and solid framework is created for your fluent speech to emerge in the most natural and beneficial way for you.  When harnessing your strengths to the powerful flow of the systems of your body and mind, your fluent speech is uncovered effortlessly.

4 Keys to begin speaking easy4 Keys to Begin Speaking Easy

An in depth introduction to Easy Speaking – beyond convention 

In this 4 hour session, we will set the stage for you to explore, question, understand experience and learn about Easy Speaking for Stutterers.  You will learn and practice the 4 Keys that provide the basis for easy speaking.  A map of your specific speech pattern, and a look at how stuttering effects your behavior, emotions and experiences will provide the starting benchmark on your journey toward fluent speech. Read more.

Easy speaking can be this easyEasy Speaking Can Be This Easy: Part 1 and Part 2

Experience your fluent speech – know that it is possible. 

Have you ever thought that speaking fluently really shouldn’t be that hard?  Is it important to understand the intricacies and minuteness of the communication process to learn to speak smoothly and effortlessly?  With Easy Speaking for Stutterers and Easy Speaking Can Be This Easy: Parts 1 & 2 (3 months each), you will be immersed in a revolutionary way of thinking about stuttering — a way that is grounded in the bigger picture.

Easy Speaking Can Be This Easy guides you through

  • the preparation routine to begin speaking easily,
  • pivotal techniques to address your fluent speaking goals
  • experiences with easy speech, diving deep into what is beneath your stutter and holding you back.
  • speaking in practice and performance situations to solidify your personal techniques designed for your fluent speech. Read more.

Easy Speaking: Belong and Be HeardEasy Speaking: Belong and Be Heard

Transforming you – from dysfluency to fluency in 5 easy steps 

The elements in this 6 month signature program are blended, integrated and fused within the framework of guidance and practice or learning and doing.  You will experience the place where the complexities of your stuttering are simply uncovered. By adopting the mindset that the brain can rewire itself, you will gain insight into how this will integrate, into both body and mind, for you.  You will understand and experience how the many aspects of your body and mind play a significant role in your stuttering.  With this foundation, fluent speech will be supported from this deep-rooted place.

Easy Speaking: Belong and Be Heard:

  • Intertwines the 5 program steps in a customized fashion for you;
  • Prioritizes and delivers program components in the most effective and efficient way for you to gain sustainable fluent speech;
  • Offers a health bonus to reconfigure and then reset your general body systems for renewed health. Read more.