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Easy Speaking for Stutterers

photo-sitting-squareWelcome to my world of Easy Speaking for Stutterers.

Here is what I believe about stuttering.  Likely you have experienced a variety of techniques, drills and different ways of making your speech fluent.  How frustrating has this been?  I’m guessing that that ‘fluent’ way of speaking felt ‘effortful’, unauthentic and unsustainable.  Well, I want you to know that there is another way.

When I was in university, one of my assignments was to go out into the community and stutter in three different situations, so that I could get a glimmer of understanding of what it felt like.  What I learned from this is that people who stutter are remarkably intelligent. They have a tremendous amount of value, courage, hope and perseverance — and they are incredibly misunderstood.  It is my quest in life, to help the world understand what you are trying to convey.

My story

Early, in my first year of life, I contracted a neurological virus leaving me with a physical impairment.

Although most would assume this impairment would challenge my ability to thrive, what I say to most is that it paved the way to my success.

One might assume that because of this impairment I wouldn’t have thrived.  They’d be wrong though.

My life is full of joy and wonderment because I have not let an impairment stop me from an amazing journey and a full life.

I became curious, tenacious, compassionate and comfortable with change, open to integrating cutting-edge ways, to change what appears to be impossible.

Yes, my impairment has shaped my curiosity and has allowed me to be free to step outside the box, responding to the unique dynamics involved in personal challenges.

My career has been in the field of Speech Language Pathology for 30 years.  Being in a helping profession has provided much reward and satisfaction for both my clients and myself.

At one point, I began to wonder, though, if there were other efficient ways and new understandings that could influence and change difficult patterns. This led me to studying and training in brain functioning and neuroplasticity, holistic approaches to disorders and illness, and personal inquiry and growth.

Looking at disorders from the perspective of the whole person, body and mind, and their environment, has opened up significant new findings.  These findings and techniques embody physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects unique to each person. Only from this open-minded place can creative solutions truly be effective in realigning, reconnecting and integrating fluent speech patterns for someone who stutters.  The transition to fluent speech is solid, seamless and natural.  This can be you too.

I currently live in Southern Alberta, Canada, on a grain farm with my husband. I have two adult children and two cats.

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