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Easy Speaking for Stutterers

1. How is Easy Speaking for Stutterers different from other stuttering programs?

Easy Speaking for Stutterers is based on strong and solid understandings in neuroplasticity (brain rewiring), visualization and the concept that all parts of the body and mind are connected and influence each other.  Approaching the disorder of stuttering this way, allows us to customize how a radical change in speech pattern i.e. stuttering to fluency, will be integrated in a natural, beneficial and sustainable way for you.  Easy Speaking for Stutterers combines this revolutionary approach and traditional stuttering intervention techniques in a unique and individual way for you.

2. Please explain, more specifically, how the Easy Speaking for Stutterers’ program differs from other speech therapy programs for stutterers that I may have tried.

In the Easy Speaking for Stutterers’ program, we are addressing the whole person, not just the speech disorder of stuttering. So rather than using more repetitive approaches that focus primarily on practising and drilling fluent speech, Easy Speaking for Stutterers provides a foundation and structure in which your fluent speech can transition, fit in and belong within your individual mind and body. We will incorporate some selected, traditional speech therapy techniques in a way that will allow you to integrate your new fluent speech, naturally into your brain, hearing and speech mechanisms.

3. What will my experience be with the Easy Speaking for Stutterers’ program?

While each person’s experience is different, being the unique individual that you are, we will begin with a mindset shift. We will explore what it is like to speak fluently in situations and with people in your life.  This will allow you to establish and experience a foundation for change, a change in not only your stutter, but also in you.  Transitioning this way will facilitate the gradual and seamless integration to fluent speech. 

4. What can I expect in a typical session?

During a 60 minute session, we will begin with grounding and balancing the nervous system.  There will be a connecting activity with your current goal and mindset.  Then we will do an experiential activity incorporating brain rewiring and speech fluency techniques,  designed for you.  This will be followed by integrating your work in this session. Last of all, homework will be assigned.  Each of the sessions and their activities will be building on each other, so the learning and changes can accumulate naturally toward your fluent speech.

5. How will Easy Speaking for Stutterers be delivered by distance?

The Easy Speaking for Stutterers program is designed to be delivered by using the internet, phone and other technology.  We will be able to complete assessments, exercises and mutually proceed through the steps of the program specifically for you.

6. What is the length of the sessions?

Sessions will be between 30 and 90 minutes in length, as set out in the program.

7. Will I have exercises and homework to do between sessions?

Easy Speaking for Stutterers is intensive.  There will be exercises, practice and experiences to be completed between sessions.  This work will be documented to record your progress, successes and challenges.

8. How soon will I notice a change in my stuttering, once I start the Easy Speaking for Stutterers’ program?

You will notice a shift in your body and how you think about stuttering right from the beginning of the program.  As we work through the steps, you will experience a change in perspective and a underlying  calmness preparing you, as you move from dysfluent to fluent speech.

9. How will my speech pattern become fluent with many people and in various aspects of my life, when I am working in this program?

Easy Speaking for Stutterers recognizes that communication happens in many aspects of life and with many different people.  Some conversations may be easy and comfortable for you.  Others may be very stressful, causing you to stutter severely.  These situations will be specifically addressed and individually tailored to you.  After all, it is in these difficult conversations that we want to be most fluent and natural.  You will then be confident and effective in choosing and participating in any conversation, circumstance, or presentation.

10. I have tried many different programs and methods and have not had long lasting results. How can I determine that Easy Speaking for Stutterers will change my stuttering in a unique, individual and sustainable way?

You will be able to determine if Easy Speaking for Stutterers is for you during your personal introduction to the program.  There are several experiences that have been prepared that will let you see how this program works.  It is really important that both of us feel comfortable and confident that Easy Speaking for Stutterers will be effective and life changing.  I am so excited to be able to share this with you.