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Easy Speaking Can Be This Easy: Adults who Stutter

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Easy Speaking for Stutterers

Easy Speaking Can Be This Easy: Part 1
For Adults who Stutter

easy-speaking-can-be-this-easyProgram Contents


Getting Started

  • Guarantees
  • Getting Started Details

Diving Deep

  • Prerequisites
  • Easy Speaking Techniques:
  • Clearing and Releasing
  • Incorporate and Integrate

Who You Are Now

  • Take a Closer Look

Welcome to Easy Speaking for Stutterers:

This 3 month program delivers a revolutionary, cutting edge intervention —- a clearly unique and customized approach to help you speak easily.


  • Guarantee: gain new insight into your stuttering for the first time, from the perspective of the whole you.
  • Guarantee: Learn how stress relief and relaxation will open up new neural pathways for brain rewiring and fluent speech.
  • Reveal your experience with stuttering from an emotional and behavioral view.
  • Map your speech pattern to strategically manage your fluency progress.
  • Sessions will be delivered via Skype, with video recordings.
  • Receive private and individual sessions, 1 hour per week for 3 months.
  • Access video recordings of sessions for your learning and review.
  • Receive mp3 recordings of specific techniques and exercises.
  • Refresh: where your weekly updates on progress, challenges, and individual concerns are reviewed for program success.
  • Engage in homework activities to support the new steps in building your fluent pathway. 


Easy Speaking pre-requisites:

Learn to discover how to apply fluency instead of being anxious and stressed.

Be grounded and balanced with breathing, relaxation and visualization.

Create your bold goals personally, emotionally and for your career – goals to be met genuinely and authentically for you.

Experience the Easy Speaking Clearing technique and the Easy Speaking Releasing technique:

These specific neuroplasticity techniques:

  • Release those personal aspects of you that are holding you back from fluent speech.
  • Unearth blockages, opening up connections for the naturally smooth flow from thoughts to speech.
  • Uniquely and personally take the steps on your own fluent pathway, the steps that are a priority to you.
  • Immerse yourself in real life situations, events and issues that actually occur in your life.
  • Then combine neuroplasticity techniques with conventional techniques in stuttering therapy to re-pattern and rewire the neural pathways underpinning fluent speech. 

Incorporate and Integrate:

  • Merge with your Easy Speaking Imagination Station, orchestrating all of your senses – vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch – for alive and vivid experiences. Your mind will be amazed!
  • Create that space, to explore your stutter, your emotions, your career and more …. for your fluent speech to take root and grow.
  • In your most difficult, most anxiety provoking, most limiting speaking situations, discover what is really behind your stutter and how you can make it your strength.
  • Imagine stuttering with stressful issues, particular events, certain people, and even in situations that would be totally out of the question — BUT then switching to fluid speaking, with easy and confidence.
    • And to be able to practice re-wiring your own fluency blueprint — that mental and physical coordination required for fluent speech.
  • Discover how identifying the particular emotion(s) that takes fluent speech out of your control … and then turn it around for confidence, connection and fluency.
  • Practice will be experiential and rooted in the whole mechanism of speaking, where speech naturally and smoothly occurs, rather than creating a fluent speech pattern that is more like an adjunct ….. added but not functionally integrated into the whole you.
  • When speech is naturally produced, it is the verbal expression of your thoughts. Your thoughts will flow for that natural communication or turn-taking between people talking.
  • Know that your fluent speech is a part of you, integrated within your mind and body and supported by the whole you.


  • Boundless possibilities are available when speech is easy.
  • Your potential for smooth communication is waiting to be unleashed.
  • Easy Speaking for Stutterers creatively intertwines the natural and key components preparing you, in your way, for fluent speech.
  • Uncover the other side of very difficult speaking situations to reveal a new perspective, strength and power for you.
  • Embrace the opportunity when stuttering surprises you, using creativity and humor.
  • Build confidence, feeling the uninterrupted flow of your thoughts to smooth speech.
  • Connect and engage with your communication partner, in a human way. Let your confidence and brilliance shine.

Easy Speaking Can Be This Easy: Part 2
For Adults who Stutter

Program Contents 


Stepping Up

  • Moving Smoothly to the Next Steps
  • Bridging the Gaps
  • Focus on Speaking 

On A Roll

  • Being Social
  • Strengthening, Integrating and Executing 

Fitting In and Standing Out

  • Easy Speaking – Any where
  • Practice, Practice
  • The Extra Mile
  • In the Spotlight
  • And Who You Are Now

Welcome Back to Easy Speaking for Stutterers:

Easy Speaking Can Be This Easy: Part 2 

This 3 month program is a continuation of Easy Speaking Can Be This Easy Part 1.  Based on the understanding and experiences of Part 1, Part 2 delves into verbal expression, specifically fluent internal speech patterns for everyday communication.  This program uniquely wraps up sustainable easy speaking for you, in your style.


Moving smoothly from Part 1 to Part 2: 

  • Learn how to smoothly transition the techniques from Easy: Part 1 to a deeper level, supporting fluent speech in real life, with Easy Speaking: Part 2.
  • Learn to combine and simplify the grounding and focusing techniques from Easy Speaking: Part 1 so that you have them just in time and when you need them.
  • Combine the techniques from Easy Speaking: Part 1 to create customized techniques to specifically support your fluency.
  • Individual recorded sessions are delivered over Skype. This includes 11, one hour sessions over the 3 month period.
  • All handouts and learning support materials for this program are included.
  • Build a daily ritual using empowering words to anchor both you and your speech in fluency

Bridging the Gaps: 

  1. Systematically learn the process and nuances behind the Easy Speaking techniques for fluency, so that you can specifically apply them as needed for you.
  2. Fluency techniques are uniquely combined for maximum easy speech, so that you have the power of new neural connections working for you, when you need it most.
  3. Discover the ease of blending brain rewiring techniques with conventional speech therapy techniques, to transition easily from dysfluency to fluency.
  4. Learn the dynamic Easy Speaking Connecting technique. It effortlessly joins specific parts of the body creating your new coordination pathway for easy speaking. This pathway facilitates moving fluent thoughts to fluent speech.

Focus on Speaking:

  • Incorporate your most difficult speaking situations or most unnerving emotions into exercises, building fluent speech successes.
  • Dissolve priority issues related to your stuttering in the context that they occurred.
  • Experience the what, where, when, why, how and with whom of speaking in any situation, safely and successfully.
  • Begin experiencing communication situations that may be most difficult, or ones that you would not even consider, in a safe, controlled and empowering environment


  1. Learn how to revitalize the Social aspect of communication in all parts of your life whether at work, in relationships, with friends or for your own growth.
  1. Strengthen and reinforce your speech as part of your automation — where your speech flows from thought to speech fluidly.
    1. Hear your thoughts being expressed in an uninterrupted flow;
    2. Be aware of your ability to engage and connect to your listener;
    3. Notice your eye contact and how natural it is;
    4. Observe the relaxed state of your body, and how full breaths support our speech.
  1. Review recordings of speaking situations to discover your surprisingly fluent speech;
  1. Create solutions to support, strengthen and habitualize your fluid speech
    1. While engaging all your senses, imagine using easy speech:
    2. in uncommon or impromptu settings;
    3. with difficult people or strangers;
    4. about sensitive topics;
    5. initiating those conversations that just have to happen.
  1. Using visualization, practice speaking fluently with individuals, groups or in the spotlight.
  1. Practice recording your story about stuttering and how it has impacted you, as a gift and a challenge. The recording also gives you an outside perspective of how your speech impacts your listener.


  1. Talk with strangers, someone in authority, on the phone, with a loved one, or even in demanding situations, while listening to your confidence, clarity and fluency.
  1. Experience stepping out into your community and speaking easily, anchored securely within your body and mind.
  1. Notice how your transition from stuttering to fluency has blended into your thoughts, feelings, emotions and physical communication, making it an easy transition.
  1. Think about situations that you have always wanted to speak in but haven’t. Notice how calm, peaceful and ready you are to try even the difficult ones.
  1. Discover your confidence, being armed with techniques to easily repair the fluency of your message, should an interruption surprise you.
  1. Practice and rate new and varied impromptu speaking situations.
  1. Go the extra mile and challenge your fluent and finely-tuned thought to speech patterns with:
    1. Multi-syllable words,
    2. Tongue twisters,
    3. Rapid speech,
    4. Rap and rhythm,
    5. Word games
  1. Create a summation exercise that uses your new fluent communication in an outstanding way.
  1. Lastly, revisit your fluency with a strategic progress report: in your life and your speech to discover how far you have come.

Congratulations!  Meet the Fluent YOU