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Easy Speaking: Belong and Be Heard

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Stuttering is only a small part of who you really are

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Easy Speaking for Stutterers

Easy Speaking: Belong and Be Heard
For Adults who Stutter 

easy-speaking-belon-be-heardProgram Contents 


Get Ready

  • What You Will Learn
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Pre and Post Program Benchmarks 

Get Set

  • Your Goals
  • Easy Speaking Techniques
  • Easy Speaking Speech Therapy Techniques
  • Visualizing
  • Putting It Together


  • Talking on the Inside
  • Talking on the Outside
  • Your Easy Speaking Journey – Your Style

Keep Going

  • Benefits of Easy Speaking: Belong and Be Heard
  • Easy Speaking: Health Bonus

Easy Speaking: Belong and Be Heard takes you on an intriguing 6 month journey to uncover your fluent speech.  Because you are much more than your stutter, the whole you will become your foundation for fluent speech, a transformation to natural, integrated and authentic easy speaking for you.


What you will learn:

  • How to look behind your stutter, seeing what is driving it.
  • Encounter your individual way to fluent speech fueled by untapped systems of your body and mind.
  • Experience how fluent speech facilitates your goals – going after what seemed impossible.
  • Create and play through your most difficult speaking situations to uncover the power of your fluent speech.
  • Be grounded in easy speaking mindsets, patterns and techniques, propelling you to explore your full potential.

Behind the scenes:

  1. Easy Speaking: Belong and Be Heard will support you along the way with:

Session recordings: recorded for your review and support.

Information and activity exercises, including:

      1. technique descriptions,
      2. routine sequences,
      3. trying on new perspectives for mindset shifts to evolve,
      4. unlocking conventional methods for stuttering therapy by looking at them from the opposite side or through the lens of a new concept.
      5. exploring what difficult speech sounds, words, names or topics mean for you and how to unblock them for fluent speech.

Rituals and homework: when we repeat an action routinely, whether physical, verbal, auditory etc., it becomes automatic or second nature.  Together we will determine what will serve you best during program segments for speaking easily. 

  1. Pre and post program benchmarks:

In the 4 Keys to Begin Speaking Easy, a pre requisite to this six month program reveals key elements of the Easy Speaking for Stutterers’ program.

Included is a standardized mapping of your speech pattern to strategically and statistically monitor patterns, types and frequency of stuttering.

We will discover a more subjective accounting of your experience with stuttering and how it affects you.

  1. Anchoring naturally:

You will learn the components of a powerful routine to relax, organize, establish, reconnect and synthesize the natural flow of speech within both your body and mind.  The mind and body then join to provide the baseline to begin your way to easy speaking.


First:  Your goals: personally, emotionally, socially and for your career will be your reservoir out of which we will select situations, people, concepts, words and sounds, customizing the learning process for your fluency.

Next: You will explore selected techniques from the field of neuroplasticity  that will connect you to powerful strategies of learning what needs to change for you for easy speaking and what needs to be unlearned to unblock and allow natural thoughts to be expressed easily.

Add: You will incorporate selected conventional techniques from speech therapy into the framework of neuroplasticity and brain rewiring to achieve your fluent

speech pattern, unique and authentic for you.

Visualize: By consciously engaging your five senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch, speech patterns are reconfigured for fluency, leading toward that smooth, continuous sequence of thought to speech, as it occurs naturally.  Your new observations and insights into what happens when you stutter and when you are fluent will open the door to establishing fluent speech …. and your new blueprint for easy speaking.

Putting it together:  You will weave situations and issues unique to you, reflecting your priority personal, emotional and social aspects.  As we integrate and apply your new fluency skills using these tools we will work beneath your speech patterns, repairing, unblocking and remapping the  communication matrix – your format for easy speaking.


Talking on the inside:

With visualization, engaging your 5 senses, and creating the reality of your speaking situations sets the stage for practicing speaking situations related to your issues, with specific people, in specific situations.  You gain insight into the blocks, repetitions, tensions, emotions and beliefs that are holding you back from fluency.  Practicing from this place creates the reality and the experience that the brain needs to take fluent speech out to the real world.

Talking on the outside:

Now that you have experienced speaking situations from the inside, taking your new fluent speech to the outside is an easy step.  You will be grounded and confident in your smooth speech, being able to apply it easily in real situations.

You will experience speaking situations that create challenges in many ways.  We will use these events to reinforce and stabilize your fluent speech, discovering the best strategies and tools needed for you to maintain fluent speech regardless of situation, people you are talking with, the topic of discussion, or the distracting environment.

Your Easy Speaking Journey – your style: 

Easy Speaking: Belong and Be Heard builds your fluent speech from the inside out.

To explain, the program guides you through all of the techniques and exercises so that you can deeply experience them, without having to think about what you need to know or learn. You will relate to them with confidence, comfort and ease.

Once you become comfortable with fluent speech in this way, you will be ready to engage in actively learning the techniques and how they will best support your fluency.

Now, from this place of integrating and owning the results of these techniques and tools, you will learn how to implement them within yourself, as a whole person.

With fluent speech, you will find some of your own ways of synthesizing, integrating and applying these techniques, tools and concepts. Your easy speech will truly be a part of you. 


Easy Speaking: Belong and Be Heard:

  1. transforms your way of thinking about stuttering,
  2. builds the connections within your body and mind to support fluent speech;
  3. integrates your re-patterned and fluent articulation movements for speech;
  4. coordinates the muscles, nerves, structures and coordination functions for fluent speech, setting them up naturally and authentically for you;
  5. automates the specific systems of your body and mind for fluent speech, leaving you available to engage in conversation, hold eye contact and most of all be mentally alert to express your thoughts exactly as you want to;
  6. reprograms and rewires thus creating that hard-wiring necessary to maintain and continue developing fluent speech any where, with anyone and whenever you wish to speak.

Easy Speaking: Health Bonus

Fluent speech creates well-being within your physical body:

  1. Shedding judgment, tension, anxiety, stress and effortful speech that transforms the physical tension in yur general body into a relaxed being;
  2. Embracing relaxation, confidence, clarity of thought, smooth articulation, eye contact and engagement with the listener;
  3. Rebalancing and synchronizing systems within your body and mind, supporting your overall health and preventing dis-ease;
  4. Seeing yourself in a different way – authentic and confident… so others can also see you in this new light.