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Easy Speaking for Stutterers

One of the most difficult things in life is having a fear or anxiety about something that may happen but not knowing when or how it will happen. Anticipation can create a sense of irritability, disconnection or doubt. In this state, you are constantly on edge, looking for anything that might precipitate the action.   For a lot of PWS, the stutter can even be a surprise.  The anticipation is constantly there — so much that talking can often be stifled.

Would it help to know you’re not alone?  Does it help to remove some of the anxiety around talking if you are a person who stutters?

If you take a look at some examples of past clients that I’ve seen, in order for you to identify what you relate to, then we can prepare for the next step from here.

  • There is a particularly difficult word or term you need to use to best explain your point;
  • There is a person that you don’t talk with often but you need to now;
  • You’ve been asked to share your work with someone who is very important;
  • There is a knot in your stomach that is getting tighter, making it harder for you to focus on your speech;
  • It is really stressful to quickly and clearly give your opinion in a group, wedging it into the fast talking of everyone else.

If you’ve experienced any of these, would it be helpful to have some tips to prepare yourself for one of these situations again?  What if you could relieve the surprise of stuttering and speak easily in any high-pressured situation?  

By practicing these suggestions daily, you will lessen the surprise of stuttering when you find yourself in a tense position. 

  1. Breathe: The act of deep breathing has been scientifically shown to reduce stress and anxiety and lower the stress hormone, cortisol.  You will feel a wave of relaxation flow through your mind and body as you consciously take slow deep breaths. 
  1. Relax: To experience full body relaxation, tighten each muscle group in your body and then relax it, letting all of the tension go.  Begin with your fingers.  Clench them tightly, hold and then let go.  Then repeat with your forearm. Tense the muscles of the forearm tightly, hold them and then let go.  Continue with the upper arm, shoulder, neck, etc. until you have covered your arms, torso, and legs.  When your whole body is relaxed, your mind follows and become relaxed too.
  1. Go to a Happy Place: When you imagine a place that makes you very happy, your whole body and mind take on and absorb that happiness.  Anxiety, tension and stress can’t co-exist with happiness.  All your senses are engaged – hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch.  You experience that happy place in a very alive and real way. 

A Secret PWS can enjoy:

When you practice ways to reduce anxiety and tension, your body will remember how to do it and what that’s like, even in the moment it’s happening,   When you practice reducing anxiety daily, that feeling can become embedded, with repetition. What will happen is that your senses along with every cell of your body will be trained to respond and remain relaxed.

You will feel comfortable after practicing these exercises. You will be able to get to this state immediately and stay here.

Can you imagine how that could change your daily experience? 

Let’s find out!

For further information about treating your stuttering in this holistic way, check out Easy Speaking for Stutterers at

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