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4 Keys To Begin Speaking Easy

The Doorway to Easy Speaking

Stuttering is only a small part of who you really are

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Easy Speaking for Stutterers

4-keys-to-begin-speaking-easyThis 4 hour session is an introduction to Easy Speaking for Stutterers.  In just 4 hours, though, you will go an in depth journey into how this ground breaking program can help you speak with ease.  We will explore how Easy Speaking for Stutterers will meet your communication goals and how we can work together to uniquely and individually make fluency happen for you.

The 4 Keys:

  1. Relaxation: Begin with distressing and relaxing the body and mind to allow them to be ready for change. Experience a new mindset for re-patterning and reconnecting the thought-speech-hearing mechanism for easy speaking.
  1. Breathing: A full body-mind jumpstart to connecting and synchronizing the body and mind using the breath.  The power behind the breath cycle sets the stage for your natural and fluent speech pattern to emerge.
  1. Brain Balancing: This brain rewiring technique connects your body’s energy for re-patterning speech movements. The articulation and coordination that is required for speech is most naturally supported by your whole body.  This is the Easy Speaking for Stutterers fundamental premise.
  1. Visualization: When we incorporate our senses, vision hearing, smell, taste and touch, into the visualization process, we can influence 300% of what we change and learn.  Visualization offers us unlimited capacity to change, alter and create within our mind and body.

Understand and experience the Why, When and How behind each of the 4 Keys for Easy Speaking.

These Keys will be ready for you to take and use following the session.

Benefits of 4 Keys to Begin Speaking Easy:

  • Understand and experience the 4 Keys to Begin Speaking Easy.
  • Learn how to do the Easy Speaking Breathing technique
  • Learn how to do the Easy Speaking Brain Balancing technique
  • Experience how visualization will arm you, paving the way to uncovering your unique and individual easy speaking pattern.
  • Dive into the similarities and differences that make Easy Speaking for Stutterers stand out from more conventional treatment programs for stuttering.
  • Discover the influence of stuttering on you and your behavior.
  • Map your speech pattern, setting the baseline for measuring progress.
  • Engage in the perspective that your speech pattern is only one part of the whole you, not who you are.
  • Look into how addressing the many aspects of you builds that support construct for fluent speech; that fluent speech pattern that is most natural and authentic for you.
  • Take a glimpse at how speaking easy for you will integrate with your goals:
  • personally, socially, emotionally and in your career
  • Begin experiencing how a new mindset toward fluent speech opens up new perspectives and new opportunities.
  • Have clarity on what this program, Easy Speaking for Stutterers has to offer you.
  • Imagine what fluent communication is like, giving you your natural and authentic freedom of speech.